Elder Scrolls Online Christmas Event 2021: New Life Festival Start Date and Other Details

Elder Scrolls has its own way of celebrating the holiday season. The ESO Christmas event is New Life, a celebration of, well... new life, of light in the darkness and the beginning of a new cycle. It's an event before anything else, though, which means there's plenty of activities and rewards up for grabs.

Details are still thin on the ground just yet, but here's everything we know about the Elder Scrolls Online holiday event in 2021.

ESO New Life 2021 Start Date

New Life 2021 doesn't have a start date just yet, but based on previous events, we're estimating it'll likely begin in the second full week of December. The 2020 event started on December 17, for example, and in 2019, it began on December 19.

New Life usually runs for about two weeks, so whenever it starts, you'll have plenty of time to participate in its events and get the rewards you want.

New Life 2021 Events

Zeni-Max is keeping quiet so far about this year's New Life events, but if it's anything like last year's celebration, there's likely plenty in store. The 2020 New Life activities included event-exclusive quest chains and a chance to earn new blueprints, writs, furnishings, and more.

These quests were available for every character, so there's no shortage of chances to get what you want.

What are New Life 2021's Rewards?

There should be some interesting rewards associated with the event, but it's too early to take a call on it right now. Last year added furnishings and writs, among other things, and there's the usual round of seasonal Crown Store items to look forward to as well. While these cost in-game items, or money, to purchase, the seasonal events usually include discounts on Crown Store items too.

Non-Crown Store items are all obtainable through completing quests or earning and exchanging event tickets, so there's a chance to get what you want no matter how you play.

We'll be updating this piece as and when we have more information.

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