Fans Petition To Bring Back NoSkyrim Mod

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One of the most interesting things about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the mods. Between fans and the gaming community, they can be inserted and utilized by almost anyone who wants to play the game on PC.

One of those is the ever-popular NoSkyrim mod, which actually makes the game unplayable. It was banned by the Nexus Mods because of what it does, but fans are screaming differently – they want NoSkyrim back.


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Petition For NoSkyrim's Return

One of the comments that were seen in the mod’s discussion post in Reddit reads:

"Finally with this mod, I was able to break my crippling addiction to Skyrim. The NEXUS prohibiting its propagation is a symptom of the capitalist hellscape we all must endure."

Also, another comment expressed disappointment over the new policy change implemented by Nexus themselves:

"While we're on the subject, how about y'all roll back that feature you added where authors can no longer delete their mods? #LetAuthorsOwnTheirMods."

There were even comments asking for the mod to return such as "This mod made me realize what I was missing out of life."


No Response From Nexus

Despite the petitions to reinstate the NoSkyrim mod once again, Nexus has yet to give their answer about it. Though it seem unlikely that it will take place, since that mod causes something that they don't want to happen.

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