Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor: Release Date, Pre-Order, Gameplay, New Class, Features, Map And More

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Pulling from iconic locations, Elder Scrolls Online is set to receive another huge expansion with the Greymoor update this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online has become something of an unsung hero in the MMO-genre, recovering from a disappointing launch to grow into somewhat of a phenomenon on its own. 


What's included in the new content? When can you play it? We've got all of the details below.

Greymoor Release Date

Greymoor will release on May 26 for PC/Mac and June 9 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



The expansion is available for pre-order in the ESO Store, Steam, and Microsoft Store, but not PSN yet.

Pre-order customers can get the following exclusives:

  • Pre-Order Costume: Jarl FineryThis rugged but stylish raiment is typically reserved for northern nobility—just more proof of your heroic stature!
  • Pre-Order Pet: Sacrificial Pocket MammothThough the arcane markings indicate its status as a sacrificial offering, these creatures often end up trundling along after soft-hearted souls like yourself.
  • Pre-Order Reward: Nightfall Preview Crown CrateA select collection of Nightfall-themed items!
  • Pre-Order Reward: Western Skyrim Treasure MapsA collection of three Western Skyrim Treasure Maps.
  • Pre-Order Adornment: Jarl CrownCrafted from horker leather and metal reworked from weapons, this circlet marks your lofty status among the Nords.
  • Pre-Order Reward: Two XP Scrolls50% XP scrolls, created by a Priestess of Meridia, to help you get started on your adventures.

You can also get the Holdbreaker Warhorse delivered instantly when pre-purchasing.



Check out this gameplay courtesy of VG247 below.



There's also this stunning cinematic trailer.

New Class

Despite new classes being added in previous expansions, Greymoor won't feature a new class.

Instead, it'll revamp how vampires work (something that even ESO players without Greymoor will benefit from).




Greymoor will offer Western Skyrim as a new location to explore, a new main quest, new dungeons and world events, a new 12-player activity, and a new 'Antiquities' system that involves finding forgotten treasures. 


While we know Western Skyrim is being added, we don't know how big it'll be right now.

We do, however, have this glimpse.