Elder Scrolls 6: 5 Skills Bethesda Needs To Bring Back

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In Elder Scrolls 6, we have the chance to bring back skills that other games and notably Skyrim removed. Skyrim was designed to be inclusive of the entire series, but that meant taking away beloved skills. Bethesda should correct their mistake and bring back these five excellent skills.

Yes, some mods bring these back, but that's never a good come back to anything. PC users are the only ones who use mods, so that's nice for them. When an entire game is considered, mods are not taken into consideration. The game is made by developers, not random people on the internet. It may be that you are the PC master race, but I am old enough to remember when computers were the worst to play on.

NOTE: Due to the return of medium armor in Elder Scrolls Online, we won't be talking about it for Elder Scrolls 6. Therefore, it is likely to come back anyway, and Mysticism has just moved all its spells to other magic schools, so we won't go into that.

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The most RPG-like skill was this one. In past Elder Scrolls games, the player character started out as a wimp with low stamina and a tendency to fall constantly. After a while, players began jumping off buildings, and your character could land after jumping off.

Players would show off their skills and abilities with this skill; a thief with high athletics would run out of energy way later than a mage who has never lifted a weight in their lives. It's time to bring it back.

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Bethesda removed durability from items in Skyrim to make it less of an RPG. Players also lost the 'armorer' skill with the loss of durability. Although durability is annoying, it adds a sense of realism to the game. The armorer skill was used to determine how well a player could repair their own equipment.

Many games still have durability, including Fallout (why would you remove it in Skyrim?). Keeping track of your weapons and equipment will always be a benefit, not a drawback. I don't think Skyrim was right to remove something like an RPG just to keep people interested this time.
A modification function should also be added. In Fallout 4, you can customize your armor. I want the same feature here.

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One of the most interesting skills in Oblivion was this. Hand-to-Hand is exactly what it sounds like; how well do you use fisticuffs? Skyrim removed this and replaced it with nothing. I think this would have been pretty easy to keep in since players could ignore it if necessary.

The skill added to the game, not made it less attractive. I think pairing this with Unarmored would make a fantastic Monk class.

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Remove the 'increased difficulty' in leveling up

This is a weird one because it doesn't add a skill but removes a feature. One of the laziest ways developers make a game harder is by increasing the enemy's health. I just find that annoying, and it doesn't really change anything. It just makes things less realistic.

Elder Scrolls' combat is really horrible, so it doesn't make sense to have enemies take multiple hits to kill them. The system worked at one point, but we are beyond pressing a button over and over again and facing an enemy. The more hits an opponent takes to kill you, the duller it becomes.


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In Skyrim, being a mage feels like a huge waste of time. The schools and anything else that makes it worthwhile has been completely neglected. Skyrim is supposed to be against mages, but in an RPG, that's not a valid reason. Underground schools should have existed. Even though thieves are hated everywhere, the thieves guild still exists. But what about mages?

Players could use spell making to make their mages feel unique. This is something that should definitely be revisited.

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