Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location

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Elden Ring takes the classic Souls formula and expands it, presenting a massive open world with incredible depth and filled with secrets to find. Like in previous games in the series, enemies are tough, especially the handful of bosses littered around the map. To best them, you'll need to make use of magic, physical attacks and items, slowly becoming more and more powerful as you progress your build.

Sorcery can be extremely powerful, given that it allows you to fire powerful magic attacks from a distance. You'll need a staff to do so, and there are a number of options to consider. Early on, the best staff you can get your hands on is the Meteorite Staff. It has S scaling with Intelligence, meaning that as you level up, it will become stronger.

Finding the Meteorite Staff requires you to head East to the Caelid region. It's fairly simple to get there, and there's a shortcut you can take at the start of the game. Here's whereto find the Metorite Staff in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location in Elden Ring

To bag yourself the Meteorite Staff, you will need to ride East to the Caelid region. This is the area of your map that is almost entirely red, and is home to strong enemies that deal Scarlet Rot damage. We've marked the location on the map below:

The location of the Meteorite Staff on Elden Ring's world map
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In this area, the ground is covered with Scarlet Rot. As long as you ride your horse, and stay on the structures around the ruins, you'll be fine. Head up to ruin and look for an item in a small room. There are plant enemies here, so take care to dispatch them before grabbing the staff.

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If you're super early on in the game, you can take a shortcut located in the Dragon Burnt Ruins. This is found to the Southwest of Lake Agheel, which is just East of the First Steps Site of Grace. You'll find a chest here that will transport you to the Selia Crystal Tunnel. This is am area filled with crystals. Just run past the enemies and make your way outside to the swamps. You'll be near the Meteorite staff here, and can rest at a Site of Grace by the entrance to the tunnels.

Meteorite Staff Weapon Stats in Elden Ring

The Meteorite Staff is a powerful weapon for those looking for a good sorcery build. Here's its stats, as relayed in the item menu.

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That's where to find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on each Merchant and what they sell. Once you're done there, take a look at our Golden Seed Locations Guide.

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