Elden Ring Summer Games Fest Reveal - Rumours, Teases, And Everything We Know

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Word on the streets is that Elden Ring is set to get a Summer Games Fest gameplay reveal, with multiple sources confirming and teasing such a thing.

So, we have gathered everything you need to know about the possible reveal on June 10 at the Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live showcase, including current rumours and teases.

Elden Ring Summer Games Fest

The rumours began when YouTube Channel Elden Ring News put up a video heavily suggesting that Elden Ring would show up at Summer Games Fest 2021.

This was then followed up by Journalist Jeff Grubb responding to the show's host Mordecai on Twitter with "I'm feeling optimistic about Elden Ring today."

Jeff Grubb then hosted an episode of his Game Mess show, which chronicles the upcoming gaming showcases and blatantly said that "Keighley has it".

To add to these rumours Geoff Keighley himself then began tweeting out teasers and hints, such as the one below and a retweet referencing a solar eclipse, which looks like a ring.

The final hint that Keighley is indeed teasing a reveal of Elden Ring at Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live is that he tweeted out a GIF with the phrase "I Will Break Free", which references a joke from The Game Awards in December, where Keighley was "put in gamer jail" for mentioning Elden Ring and not showing any gameplay.

So, yes, while Geoff Keighley and Bandai Namco haven't directly confirmed that Elden Ring will be at the Kickoff Live showcase it does seem like this is the time Elden Ring re-appears.

It has been two years since we last saw the game, so hopefully this time we will see gameplay and an extended look at the world.

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