Elden Ring Reveal Could Be Closer Than We Think

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The latest From Software leak says we’ll be getting an Elden Ring announcement soon.

Prolific ResetERA leaker Omnipotent recently posted a meme that, without actually spoiling any leaks or outright breaking NDAs, says we should expect Elden Ring news sooner than we think and possibly even Dark Souls news.

Reddit user Aesthetic_Frog spotted the meme and reposted it.

The meme features Soleil of Astoria leaning out of a car window near the Elden Ring logo and the caption “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

Admittedly, we’re expecting Elden Ring E3 news anyway.

It’s been two years since the game’s reveal, and Bandai Namco is attending E3 2021 as a publisher.

However, if it’s closer than we expect, that’s another matter entirely.

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Elden Ring Reveal Could Be Closer Than We Think

Bandai is also going to be present at the Summer Game Fest 2021, and while we’d expect a major feature such as an Elden Ring announcement to be prime material for E3, that might not be the case.

Summer Game Fest 2020 proved it’s possible to reach large audiences without E3, and depending on what other publishers have in store, it might work best for Elden Ring to have its own space outside the major showcase.

Either way, between these and other recent Elden Ring rumors, it’s increasingly likely we’ll see at least something Elden Ring related this summer, though as always, it’s best to take any rumor with some skepticism until proven otherwise.

[Source: Reddit]

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