FromSoftware Delays Elden Ring, Cites "Depth and Strategic Freedom" As Causes

FromSoftware delayed Elden Ring until February 25, 2022, roughly a month out from its original January 21, 2022 release date. The Bloodborne developer announced the delay on Twitter, where they cited "depth and strategic freedom" as the causes.

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The news comes not long after FromSoftware announced Elden Ring had entered its final stages of development.

"The depth & strategic freedom of the game exceeded initial expectations. Thank you for your trust & patience. We look forward to seeing you experience the game in the Closed Network Test in Nov," From said in the announcement.

FromSoftware Delays Elden Ring, Cites "Depth and Strategic Freedom" As Causes

Depth and strategic freedom characterize Elden Ring. FromSoftware designed it for "all sorts of players," and it reportedly offers extensive freedom in how you approach its challenges and, more specifically, its character creation.

From's Yasuhiro Kitao previously said:

We always want all sorts of players to enjoy these games and get as far as possible. Obviously we respect and appreciate that a large portion of our player base really enjoys that level of challenge, and enjoys these situations where they're really tested, their skill is tested. And we really want to cater to them, and it is not our intention to make any single game easier or harder. But we also want to create and prepare a wide variety of approaches and options that players who are not so inclined can use, to enjoy the game and to experience that sense of accomplishment just like those hardened veterans.
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