Elden Ring Has 4K and 60 FPS Modes On PS5, Xbox Series X|S

Elden Ring unveiled 15 minutes of footage yesterday, showcasing the game's impressive combat and dangerous open-world. Marking a landmark partnership between George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki, details regarding its performance are being revealed.

Having outlined the game's minimum PC specifications, new-gen consoles will have similar performance for Elden Ring. As seen on the title's GameStop collector's edition pages, it'll feature a Graphics Mode (4K) or a Performance Mode (60 FPS) for players to choose between.

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Elden Ring Has 4K and 60 FPS Modes On PS5, Xbox Series X|S

The modes will allow users to personalise their experience while adding flexibility to the performance of new-gen consoles:

Enhanced Experience
Using the power of new generation of consoles, PlayStation 5, will allow players to personalize their experience by choosing between GRAPHIC MODE to enhance the game’s visuals (up to 4K) or PERFORMANCE MODE for a higher frame rate (up to 60FPS).

With the Graphics Mode, visual fidelity is prioritised with a 4K display. Players can also opt for a smoother gameplay experience in the Performance mode, which is traded for a slight hitch in visual quality.

Elden Ring isn't the first new-gen game to follow this trend. Recent titles likee Deathloop and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart also featured the two modes, with the latter title adding the aspect in a later update.

Elden Ring hits shelves on February 2022 across multiple platforms. PS4 and Xbox One owners of this upcoming fantasy epic will receive free upgrades to new-gen versions.

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