Tic Toc Games Revives 90's SCHMUP Gameplay with B.ARK

With Earth overtaken by Dark Tide, an alien cybernetic fish armada, it is up to four family pets to stop them and rescue their human companions.

Team up, grab powerups and help each other turn the tide while competing to collect the most plutonium to get the highest score.

B.ARK - Bio-Insterstellar Ark

B.ARK has four different characters, each with unique playstyles, shooting their way through six unique worlds in a classic 90's-era SCHMUP action similar to Gradius III, R-Type, and U.N. Squadron.

With a focus on couch co-op, four players can play B.ARK on one console, teaming up for Super Attacks and different fusion abilities.

When one player is defeated, they are not out of the game.

They can assist another player, circling their mech and shooting waves of enemies until their timer counts down and they can jump back into the action in earnest.

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Family Friendly Bullet Hell

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BULLETS: So many of them

With a colorful cast of characters and hand-drawn illustrations, B.ARK has strong Saturday morning cartoon vibes.

Developed by a team with a background in animation, B.ARK strives to engage the whole family with inviting artwork, and a gradually increasing difficulty that is friendly to newcomers and younger gamers while still satisfying the needs of more experience SCHMUP gamers.

Each character's abilities are designed with cooperative play in mind.

Marv the Bunny's homing bullets are excellent for new players, while Lucio the Bear's shields can help a veteran gamer protect the players with less experience from the rain of bullets on-screen in later levels.

The lack of player elimination keeps all players engaged, as they can still help out once their ship explodes until they are allowed to hop back into the game on their own again.

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Online Play

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While designed with couch co-op in mind, B.ARK can be enjoyed with friends online as well.

Coming to both the PC and Nintendo Switch, there is plenty of opportunities to team up and save the universe together!

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