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EA Play Live 2021 Leaks: E3 Dates and Time, Predictions, Rumours, and Latest Battlefield 6, FIFA 22, Sims 5 News

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If there’s any E3 presentation that has gamers more apathetic than Ubi Forward it’s EA Play, as the company does not have a reputation for being the most consumer-friendly video game studio out there.


Still, that doesn’t mean EA has no fans as many gamers still want to see what the studio has planned, especially since franchises like Battlefield, The Sims, Apex Legends, and, of course, Star Wars so there will be a lot of eyes at EA Play.

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EA Play Live 2021 Leaks: E3 Dates and Time, Predictions, Rumours and Latest Battlefield 6, FIFA 22, Sims 5 News

We can’t deny that we’re excited to see news about the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, so EA definitely has some big-name titles to look out for, though it’s hard to say if they will be making an appearance.

That being said, there’s no better place to reveal your brand-new game than the week of E3 so here’s hoping that EA has something grand planned for their current fans, as well as their lapsed ones.

Here’s what EA might be revealing to us during EA Play in E3 2021.

Battlefield 6

EA recently announced that a new entry in the Battlefield was being made so it’s not wrong to assume that it will be called Battlefield 6 and get featured in E3 2021’s EA Play.

This is all but confirmed, though the game could be called something else so it will be interesting to see the future of Battlefield, especially after the disastrous Battlefield V.



A new FIFA game getting announced is hardly news for anyone and though it has yet to be announced, don’t be shocked when FIFA 22 is announced during EA Play.

Like previous games in the franchise, it should have solid mechanics and an updated roster, though we hope they ease up on the microtransactions.

The Sims 5

We’ve been seeing updates to The Sims 4 for years now and though it has fans, a number of players are mad at the number of missing features from previous iterations to this day, hence the want and need for The Sims 5.

EA has yet to confirm if we’ll be getting a new iteration of The Sims but here’s hoping that we get some good news for this franchise.

Dragon Age and Mass Effect

Bioware fans have been begging for a new iteration of these titles and they are in development, though no gameplay has been shown.

The new Dragon Age game has received two CG trailers while Mass Effect got a teaser, though we are getting a remastered collection of the first three games so that’s something.

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