E3 2020: Dates, Times, Location, Sony, Xbox, Rumors and Everything You Need To Know!

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E3, the biggest event on the video game calendar was planned for June 2020.

The annual gaming convention held in Los Angeles is recognised as the spectacle of gaming; all eyes fall upon E3 every year as developers flock to the Los Angeles Convention Center. 


From massive cooperations such as Xbox and Sony to small indie developers; everyone has a home at E3. 

Let's go over everything you need to know about E3 2020!

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E3 2020 Cancelled

E3 2020 has officially been cancelled, due to public health concerns surrounding the continued spread of the COVID-19 disease across the globe.

Following GDC's move, the ESA is looking at holding 'an online experience' this June. "We are also exploring options with our members to coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news in June 2020."

Although not much has been confirmed in regards to the 'Online Experience', more information will be posted on the official E3 website soon.


Following the news of the cancellation, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced Microsofts plans to hold an "Xbox digital event" in place of its annual E3 press conference.

Which Ubisoft soon followed with and announced that it is "exploring other options for a digital experience that will allow us to share all the exciting news we have planned."

When and Where is E3 2020?

E3 2020 is set to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 9th-11th 2020.

There are conferences that occur before the convention begins, however, running as early as the 5th June.

Tickets are not on sale yet, but you can sign up for their newsletter so stay updated for when they do go on sale.



Conference Times

E3 usually announce the conference times a few weeks in advance, this is done so people know when they should drive for a big studio conference. 

Here are the confirmed conferences times:

8th June 2020

  • Limited Run Games - 8pm GMT


Who Is Attending?

  • Xbox
  • Nintendo
  • Ubisoft
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • SEGA
  • Capcom
  • Square Enix
  • Take-Two Interactive Software
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Games

Sony Not Going AGAIN?

Sony made headlines last E3 as being the first out of the big three (Xbox, Sony, Nintendo) to skip out on the massive convention.

Sony has been dominating the console wars since the release of the PS4, so them taking a year off to gear up for the PS5 was fine by most fans.

However, Sony has opted to yet again skip out on the event noting that they will attend "hundreds of consumer events across the globe."

This comes as a massive surprise to fans, as with the looming release of the PS5 many fans thought this year would be all about showcasing it. 


So, now two years in a row we will be without Sony; but do not fear, we still have other massive cooperations!


As of writing, it does appear that Microsoft/Xbox will be attending E3 2020; this comes off the backend of their biggest E3 ever this past year.

Showcasing the brand new Xbox Series X and the new Halo Infinite, we could see more out of Xbox this year, but we are unsure. 

One can expect more gameplay footage of upcoming Xbox exclusives, along with pre-order details and editions of the upcoming console.



The final developer most people will be looking out for is Nintendo; last year they teased us with Breath of The Wild 2.


Although we did not get any actual gameplay, we know for certain it is coming and we can hope this year we will get some gameplay footage and a possible release date of late 2020.

Besides BOTW 2, expect other exclusives such as Metroid Prime 4 or another Mario game.

Nintendo is one of the tricker developers to predict each year, so be on the lookout for any news. 

What Else Can We Expect?

Of course, with any E3 there are going to be countless games that are going to be announced for the first time.

From massive AAA studios to small indie companies, they will have something for us.

However, there are signs pointing towards gameplay of certain titles, ones that have already been announced and have release dates within the next year or so.



Be on the lookout for additional gameplay footage of the following.

  • Starfield - Bethesda 
  • Watch Dogs Legion - Ubisoft 
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - CD Projekt Red
  • God of War 2 - Santa Monica Studios
  • Sly Cooper 5 - Sucker Punch Studios
  • Battlefield 6 - EA
  • Ratchet and Clank - Insomniac Games
  • Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Insomniac Games
  • Elder Scrolls 6 - Bethesda

This is just a small sample of the games we could be getting further looks at this year, so we are for sure going to get some surprises this year.

Although Sony is not attending E3, that does not necessarily mean that developers who make Playstation exclusive titles will not be there also!



E3 2020: Shaking Things Up? 

This past week the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) who includes companies such as EA, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Playstation just to name a few released a statement regarding E3 2020.

Noting that they are planning to "shake things up" with "surprise guests, amazing state experiences, access to insiders and experimental zones" as they are "committed to keeping E3 at the level you’ve come to expect"