Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer?

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The early access for the factory simulation game Dyson Sphere Program began way back in January of this year in Steam. Since then, players already have the chance to try and test the game itself.

But of course, playing alongside friends could be one of the best things to do in a game. Could the Dyson Sphere Program be able to do so for players worldwide?

Browse through this article to know if the Dyson Sphere Program is a multiplayer game or not.


Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer?

As of now, Dyson Sphere Program isn’t capable of providing a multiplayer feature. Players may only navigate through the game in single-player mode.

But with the game only going for 4 months old this May, various features and upgrades are still expected to arrive. It may include the multiplayer feature which is commonly seen in video games today.

When will the Multiplayer Feature come to Dyson Sphere Program?

Although there are no direct plans announced by game developers Youthcat Studio about the possible integration of the multiplayer feature in Dyson Sphere Program, a comment from user “-Pulz” found on the game’s subreddit reads:

"The game is single-player only and there are no plans for multiplayer right now. It hasn't been ruled out, just not planned right now. With that said, since modding support is planned you may see the community put something together, and maybe when the game is finished the developers will have a look into multiplayer."

So, there could be a possibility for the multiplayer feature in Dyson Sphere Program if the game developers would note what players may prefer while the game is in early access. But the only thing players may do now is to wait on how Youthcat Studio will further improve the game before it will be fully released.

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