Dying Light 2: How to Turn On Streamer Mode

Dying Light 2 Press Pack Image of a Survivor Owned Windmill

Dying Light 2 Press Pack Image of a Survivor Owned Windmill

Dying Light 2 is an action role-playing game from Techland. It's the sequel to the highly-successful Dying Light game from 2015. You play as Aiden, a pilgrim with a hazy past and one goal on his mind. However, when you enter Villedor (one of the last human settlements in the world), you get wrapped up in many of its problems.

The City is divided into factions, different groups of people with different ideologies who constantly fight about who should be in charge. Alongside this, the infected hide within dark buildings and are getting stronger every night. With the developers putting a strong emphasis on player choice, the fate of The City is in your hands.

It makes sense that you might want to share this game with friends or stream it to a wider audience. We're going to show you how to turn on streamer mode, to keep yourself safe while you do so.

How to Turn On Streamer Mode

To turn streamer mode on, boot up your game and wait until you are at the main title screen. When you are on the screen below, stop and do not load into your game. Instead, select "Options".

Dying Light 2 Main Menu Screen. Options section has been highlighted
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Once you are on the options screen, scroll down past all of the volume options. You should come across the toggle tab for streamer mode. All you need to do now is switch it to your desired setting.

You can turn streamer mode on and off at any time in-game too. All you need to do is press your pause menu, head into options, and scroll down to toggle it on or off.

What Is Streamer Mode?

When streamer mode is on, it means that all licensed music has been removed from the game. Therefore, if you want to broadcast yourself while playing Dying Light 2, the music will not cause you any problems. When streamer mode is off, all licensed music has been returned to the game.

There is plenty for you to do in Dying Light 2 and surprisingly, the infected are only part of the many problems you will face. If you want to know more about the zombies in the game, take a look at our monsters list. Some of them can be quite daunting to come across in the dark. Luckily, you will not have to fight them bare-handed. Take a look at our weapons list to learn about the ones you can find in the game.

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