Dying Light 2 Stamina: How to Increase It

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Dying Light 2 Attacking the enemy with a large 1H hammer

Surviving life in The City in Dying Light 2 takes a lot of effort. You need to use your parkour skills to traverse the rooftops to get from area to area and to escape enemies. Avoiding combat isn't always an option and sometimes you will need to engage in fights too. However, you cannot perform any of these actions successfully without ensuring you have enough stamina.

The City is one of the last remaining human settlements in a world where the Harran Virus runs rampant. Buildings are starting to decay, tempers between the surviving humans are severely frayed, and the infection continues to grow stronger. Without enough stamina, your chances of surviving in the chaotic settlement are extremely low. The more you progress through the story, the more stamina you are going to need.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to increase your stamina and we explain a bit more about it.

Dying Light 2 Skills Menu
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How to Increase Stamina

To increase your stamina you need to collect three inhibitors. Each time you collect three inhibitors, you can choose to upgrade your stamina or your health. Once you have collected enough inhibitors, open up your inventory menu and switch to the "skills" tab. Below Aiden, you should see one big circle (the inhibitors) and three smaller circles under it. The circle with the little lightning symbol in it is your stamina. Below the stamina circle, you can see which level you are currently on. To upgrade it, select it and follow the prompted controls.

How to Find Inhibitors

Inhibitors can be found in some GRE cases or Safes that are hidden across The City. Your GRE key will help you to track them down. If you are near an inhibitor, you will hear a little mechanical voice tell you that one is nearby. On the bottom left of your screen, the GRE key icon will appear and there will be numbers above it. This will tell you how far away from the inhibitor you are. You can use your survivor sense to scan the area to locate the crate or safe.

To open a GRE Crate, you simply need to use your GRE Key. However, you need to figure out the correct code to open a safe. You can usually find a clue nearby that hints at the correct code for that particular safe.

What Is Stamina?

When you are climbing around The City or fighting enemies, you will see a blue bar appear near the bottom of your screen. This is showing you your stamina. Each time you do a movement or exert yourself, the stamina bar will lower. The following actions will decrease your stamina:

  • Climbing
  • Parkour Actions
  • Fighting
  • Using the Paraglider

When your stamina has completely run out, you can stop and wait for it to replenish naturally. It's usually quite quick. It's important to keep an eye on your stamina and judge how much you will need to perform certain actions. If you don't, then you risk falling off of a high building or becoming an easy target for enemies.

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