Dying Light 2 Safe Codes and Locations

Dying Light 2 Safe in Bazaar Church Tower in Old Villedor

Dying Light 2 Safe in Bazaar Church Tower in Old Villedor

As you spend more time exploring the large open-world map of Villedor in Dying Light 2, the more collectables you'll find. You can find old drawings left by the former children of Villedor, tapes that have recorded the lives of people before the virus, and small newspapers that give you a glimpse of the old world.

Another set of things that you can find that can be of high value are safes. They can be found inside some buildings across the map and, if you can get into them, they can contain valuable items. Often, it will be items that you can sell to a Trader to earn money or items you can use to upgrade your weapons at a Craftmaster.

In this guide we're going to explain a bit more about Dying Light 2 safes, how they work, their locations, and their solutions.

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes and Locations

Here are all of the Dying Light 2 safe codes and locations that we've found so far. We will update this page as we find more.

The Bazaar in Old Villedor - Church Tower

Solution: 5-1-0

You may need to wait until the later stages of the game to be able to get to this safe. Your Stamina needs to be at quite a high level to be able to make the climb safely.

The Bazaar in Old Villedor is in an old church. When you enter the Bazaar from the subway tunnel entrance, look ahead of you at the stalls. You should see that one stall roof can get you to the first ledge of the outside of the church. Climb up here and keep following the climbing trail to your right to get to the very top of the church tower.

Up here, there will be a Safe in the corner. A clue to the code can be found behind a poster with a skull on it in the same room. This clue will be a maths problem. 5x100+15-5.

Nightrunner Hideout - Houndfield

Solution: 1-0-1

Near the GRE Quarantine Building in Houndfield, there is a Nightrunner Hideout. The entrance to the hideout is at street level. If you're not sure where it is, check out the image below:

Dying Light 2 Houndfield Nightrunner Hideout Near GRE Building
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The safe will be on a workbench as you head into the hideout. Inside the safe is an inhibitor, so your GRE Key should point it out. The clue for solving the safe code can be found in a yellow/grey crate near the bed. The clue for the code is actually the code!

Saint Joseph Hospital - Houndfield (Old Villedor)

Solution: 9-7-3

Before you can open the safe at Saint Joseph's Hospital, you need to speak to McGregor at the Trading Post slightly South-East of the Hospital. The quest will be "The First Biomarker" and McGregor will tell you the riddles for opening the safe. If you miss his clues, don't worry as he also gives you a note with them on it.

Once the quest is active, a marker should appear on your compass and on your map that shows you where the safe is. Enter Saint Joseph's and make your way to the Safe. These are the riddles (you can scroll down to the solution if you're stuck).

Number 1: What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down?

Number 2: An odd number, take away a letter and it becomes even.

Number 3: A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many are left unbroken?

Water Tower - The Wharf

Solution: 3-21-67

To gain access to this safe, you need to spend some time doing another mission. When she's available, speak to Meyer in the PK HQ ship. She will give you a side-quest called "The Deserter". Go through this side quest and when you find Bart, agree to help him. Head back to Meyer but choose to keep the map.

This will lead you on to another side quest called "treasure hunt". Follow this through until it comes to figuring out the code. It will lead you to the Wharf Water Tower. When you get there, fight off the Renegades then head into the water tower. You can enter it through the front door (there is a green container in front of it that you can walk through). Drop down to the basement and dive into the water.

Turn your flashlight on and search under the water until you come across a container, a UV stick, and the safe. Put the code in quickly and you'll be rewarded with C4.

Garrison Electrical Station - Garrison

Solution: 3-1-4

You can find this one in the Garrison Electrical Station in The Central Loop. The safe is in a room that is unlocked once you connect the C power cable.

Once you find it, the answer is as easy as Pi. No really, it is, the answer is Pi.

Military Airdrop THB-1L0 - Downtown Thug Bandit Camp - Downtown

Solution: 3-1-3

This Safe can be found in a building near the Downtown Thug Bandit Camp. Head towards the Military Airdrop and start to scale the building. Your GRE Key should pick up the trail of an Inhibitor. Follow this to find the Safe in a room in one corner of the building. The room itself will have no windows and you'll be able to climb into it easily.

The clue for the code for this Safe is actually the code. It can be found on a table if you climb into the room above the one that contains the Safe.

Dying Light 2 Safe Code Clue for Bazaar Church Tower Safe
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When you collect a clue, you'll be able to read it from your mementos section in the collectables menu.

How to Open a Safe Without a Code

It is possible to open the safes without a code if you're using a controller and your vibration setting is on. When you're trying to open the safe, you should notice that your controller vibrates each time you turn to a different number. If you do this slowly, you should notice that one specific number will make the controller buzz differently. This is indicating the correct number for opening the safe. The only negative about doing it this way is that you need to be very precise and patient while you're waiting for the buzz.

How Do Safes Work?

When you are inside a building, you can use your survivor sense to scan the environment. Typically, a Safe will be highlighted with the rest of the loot boxes or containers. Head up to a Safe and interact with it. This will bring up a small puzzle that you need to solve (which is putting in the correct code to open it). Sometimes, there will be clues in the surrounding environment that will tell you what the code is for that particular safe.

Collecting the items from Safes and selling them to a Trader is not the only way you can make money in Dying Light 2. Take a look at our money-making guide to learn all of the ways you can earn money quickly. Also, it can be much safer to explore a building at night as the infected are out prowling the streets. We have a guide that shows you how to change the time of day, which is especially handy if you don't want to wait for the time to change organically.

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