Dying Light 2 Grappling Hook: How to Unlock and Upgrade It

Dying Light 2 Central Loop Street

Dying Light 2 Central Loop Street
Spoiler Warning: There may be potential story spoilers in this guide. We recommend returning to this guide after you meet Jack Matt in the Central Loop.

In the early stages of Dying Light 2, you learn about legendary people called Nightrunners. They used to be considered the bravest people in Villedor as they'd do the things that no one else could do. However, you soon learn that Nightrunners are no longer around but their tools still exist.

Each Nightrunner tool that you come across in the game makes your life in The City much easier. The UV Flashlight is one of their tools. It can be used to weaken Infected and push them back to give you a chance to escape. Another Nightrunner tool is given to you by Lawan, it's the Paraglider. This helps you get around The City safely from great heights.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to get the Grappling Hook. This is another Nightrunner tool that will help you get to new places and new heights in Villedor.

How to Get the Grappling Hook

You will find the Grappling Hook tool mid-way through the "Broadcast" main story mission. This is the one where you start to help the Peacekeepers take control of the radio tower. Around halfway through the mission, you will speak to Frank. He will then tell you that some of their old Nightrunner equipment is still in the elevator.

Head back to the elevator you arrived in. Stand in the doorway of the elevator and look up to your left. You should see a ledge leading to another area. Aiden can easily jump and grab this. Once you're up here, head in through the semi-open elevator doors. Climb up through the open hatch in the ceiling of the elevator and look towards the high ledge on the other side. Scan the wall to your left, you should see some yellow paint. The Grappling Hook is wedged into the wall here. Climb up or jump to grab it. You'll now have the tool in your inventory and Frank will proceed to tell you how to use it.

Dying Light 2 Inside Radio Tower Grapple Hook Reticle on Light
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The white reticle can be seen on the light in the middle of the ceiling. This is where the Grappling Hook will attach to when you fire it.

How to Upgrade the Grappling Hook

To upgrade the Grappling Hook you can head to any of the Craftmasters on the map. They are found in most of the larger settlements and bases across Villedor. Interact with the Craftmaster and skip along to the "Upgrades" tab in the menu. The Grappling Hook will come under the Nightrunner Tools section of this screen. Select the tool and follow the prompted control to upgrade it.

These are the items you need for your first upgrade to the Grappling Tool:

  • x2 Military Tech (found in Military Drops)
  • 2000 Old World Money (Coins)

How to Use the Grappling Hook

To use the Grappling Hook, you need to equip it from your inventory menu. (This is the one where you hold your Molotovs, Gulden Coins, UV Flashlight, and Binoculars). When you open this menu, a control prompt should appear beneath the Grappling Tool. Use the correct control to equip it and exit the menu.

Once the hook is equipped, look around the room. A reticule will appear on any surfaces that the tool can be used on. To use the tool, use the appropriate tool control to fire the grappling hook into the surface you've chosen. You'll instantly swing forward on it, so make sure you know where you want to go before you start.

You can do double or even triple swings with a Grappling Hook too. Aim and fire the tool, then jump at the end of the swing while firing again once a reticule appears. You can do this as much as you like.

Nightrunner tools will help you survive the perils of The City in Dying Light 2. However, you cannot solely rely on them. Take a look at our weapons guide to learn all about the weapons you can get in the game and how to upgrade them. Knowing what you're going to face may help you, so take a look at our guide that details all of the monsters in the game.

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