Dying Light 2 Fast Travel: How to Use and Unlock It

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Dying Light 2 Main Screen Aiden looking at The City.

The map of The City in Dying Light 2 is vast. Granted, the game's parkour system is great fun to use to travel from area to area but sometimes it takes too long. Also, there can be THV Chemical Fields that can prevent you from moving from one area to another. There are tunnels that you can use but if it is daytime, the tunnels will be filled with infected.

Patience is something that will come in useful while you're exploring places. For some areas, you will need to explore during a night cycle such as Forsaken Stores. These places are filled with high-tier loot and collectibles. However, during the day they are overrun with infected and you're very likely to die if you enter it. This is why you need to wait for the night cycle as they will leave the shop almost entirely unguarded. This is where fast travel will come in useful. It will allow you to move from one area to another as you please without sacrificing too much time and you can participate in the activities you want to without waiting for another cycle.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to fast travel.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

You can only unlock fast travel once you get into the Central Loop and meet Lawan. Once you meet her and escape Waltz, you will be notified that fast travel is now available.

Dying Light 2 Lawan on Lawan's Safe Zone Rooftop Downtown
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How to Use Fast Travel

You cannot use fast travel if you are in the middle of a sequential story quest. If you are in one, you will need to complete it before you can use the fast travel system.

You need to use your map to fast travel. When you open it up, look around for three white arrows. This icon will mark the fast travel locations that are currently operational. Hover over the symbol and follow the prompted control to travel to that location.

Metro Stations

You can fast travel through discovered and completed Metro Stations. You can discover stations by using your Binoculars or by running past them as you explore Villedor. Each Station will typically have its own criteria for completion. For example, the Metro Station near the Fish Eye Canteen needs its power turned back on to be unlocked.

To fast travel to an active station, open your map and look for a green train-car icon in the area you want to go to. The trio of white arrows should be above that symbol. Select the fast travel icon and follow the prompt to go to that location.

Safe Zones


You can fast travel to some of the safe zones that you have completed. It's typically available at the larger safe zones such as the Peackeeper's HQ Ship in The Wharf. All you need to do is look for the fast travel icon on the map.

There are a lot of places for you to explore in Dying Light 2 and each area presents its own challenges. There are angry faction members and vicious infected to watch out for. Take a look at our weapons list to learn about the in-game weapons and how to get them. After all, you'll need to protect yourself somehow. Also, we have a guide that explains the parkour and combat skill trees. We recommend working on upgrading these skills instantly as they can make life in the game much easier.

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