Techland Will Hold A Dying Light 2 Stream This Week

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Fresh off of a leaked Platinum Edition of Dying Light, developer Techland will hold a stream regarding the long-awaited second game later this week.

The event, teased in a new video sent to press, appears to have the tagline "are you dying 2 know more?".


We also received a package last week to Gfinity offices that required a UV torch to decipher the upcoming stream's timings.

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Techland Will Hold A Dying Light 2 Stream This Week

The event, which will be held on May 27th at 12 PM PDT, will be streamed via Techland's Twitch channel.

The teaser, which was shared via the official Dying Light Twitter account but has now been deleted, shows a wall mural by day, with the words "are you dying 2 know more?" appearing as it turns to night.

It's also accompanied by the following message:

Remember Harran? Who could forget...
But The City is our refuge now, and it needs your help.
There’s so much for you to know, and so little time, but these clues can’t fall into the wrong hands.Find somewhere safe and play this message. You’re our last chance for survival. Above all...
Stay Human.

Check out all we know about the title here.