Dying Light 2 How to Change the Time of Day

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Dying Light 2 UV Light at night in an alleyway of The City

Dying Light 2 is an action role-playing game from Techland and it's the sequel to 2015's Dying Light. In this game, you play as a Pilgrim called Aiden, and you are thrown into one of the last remaining human settlements on Earth. There is a day and night cycle which organically changes as time passes in the game.

During the day, you will need to watch your back for angry members of the fractious societies and some infected that lurk in the shadows. At night, you need to keep an eye out for vigorous infected that come to life in the dark. However, the night brings its own rewards for those brave enough to venture out during it.

Some missions and rewards can only be grabbed during specific times of the day. This is why we're going to show you how to change the time of day without waiting for the cycle to change naturally.

How to Change the Time of Day

There are two ways that you can change the time of day without waiting for the current cycle to end organically.

Dying Light 2 Trinity Survivors Territory Map Night View
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The easiest and quickest way to change the time of day is to sleep. To sleep, you need to find a bed. Most of the safe zones that you unlock through general gameplay or by progressing in the story should have a bed. You can locate the zones that have a bed in them by looking at the map. When the map is open, hover over each safe zone and you should be able to see a green bed icon appear on the map itself. Head to your chosen zone then walk up to the bed. Interact with it and follow the prompt to "wait until (next cycle)". When you wake up, your game will have automatically saved and it will be the next time of day. If you sleep at day, you will wait until night and if you sleep at night, you will wake up in the morning.

Accept Missions

Some of the missions that you can pick up from NPCs around The City can only be performed during a specific time of day. If you are not in the appropriate time of day for that mission, accepting it will catapult you to the right time. For example: If you accept the mission during the day but it must happen at night, you will be transported to the night cycle.


Day and night are very different in Dying Light 2, so knowing how to quickly switch between the two will definitely be useful. We have a guide that details all of the monsters in the game so far, so you can be prepared for the creatures behind the noises in the dark. Also, check out our weapons list to learn more about the in-game weapons and how to get your hands on them.

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