Dying Light 2 Alpha Footage Leaks

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Dying Light 2 launched last week and mostly, it's gone down well with fans. Seeing strong reviews across the board, we've now gotten a good look at its early development, thanks to leaked alpha footage.

As seen on Imgur, three clips emerged showcasing an early build. The first shows one player jumping off a rooftop followed by opening a skills menu option, which closely matches the released version. The second clip depicts the player swimming, and the last one shows another jump from the rooftop.

Dying Light 2 Alpha Footage Leaks

This new leak follows news that Techland is fixing bugs surrounding Dying Light 2's co-op mode. While there's no word on when that'll drop, this sequel currently suffers from problems with disconnections, awards redemption, codes, and several smaller issues.

In our Dying Light 2 review, we mentioned how the game "mostly pulls it off, offering players a rich and rewarding experience that blends survival horror with end-of-the-world Fallout-esque RPG mechanics." Advising it's "dragged down by a reductive choice system," we believe it ultimately excelled in its world-building and action set pieces.

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