DBFZ: Dragon Ball Super Broly Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ has just one character left to announce for the Fighterz Pass 2 and it appears after new leaks that Broly, from Dragon Ball Super, will be joining us. Broly has already featured as a character in DBFZ, but is the Dragon Ball Z version. This isn't the first time we'll see multiple incarnations of a character and in comparison to the DBZ version, many were much more satisfied with his portrayal in DBS.

Recently, we were treated to Gogeta and so it isn't a suprise to see Broly become the next fighter to join the DBFZ cast.


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Dragon Ball Super Broly Leaked!

It appears V-Jump, a Japanese manga magazine, have revealed the goods directly from Bandai Namco. From the description, it appears his talents and playstyle will be very similar to his original version, powered by strong, singular strikes and long-reaching throws working for his big body.


What's interesting is that the information describes his level three to be him transforming into a Super Saiyan, shattering his armor and shooting a laser out of his mouth; where he'll then continue the fight shirtless and powered up.

This is likely to mean that Broly will start fights in base form and go on to power up following his super. Being granted permanent power ups isn't new to DBFZ, Adult Gohan's awakened state follows a similar rule.

His playstyle is described as follows:

Powerful single hits and long-reaching throws exemplify this heavy-class character.


Super - Blaster Meteor - Instantly releases energy around him in a big blast

Meteo Super - Gigantic Roar - Transforms to Super Saiyan and rushes forward, putting all his power into one punch. Shattering his own armor, he powers up to his full limit and lets out a powerful blast from his mouth onto his opponent. After it hits, he will continue fighting without his armor, and be in a powered up state.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91