New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Teases Some Familiar Feathered Friends

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We won’t see Dragon Age 4 at EA Play 2021, but BioWare took pity on our sorry souls and shared a new piece of concept art in exchange for any more news.

BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey posted the art on Twitter after confirming again that BioWare’s only announcement this summer is Star Wars The Old Republic’s new expansion.


The Dragon Age 4 concept art admittedly doesn’t show too much, but what it does tease is evocative nonetheless.

There’s a vast medieval-looking city, knights with torches fighting a group of masked people, and a few onlookers watching events unfold.

Those masked folks are the real centerpiece.

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New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Teases Some Familiar Feathered Friends

That’s because they’re Crows, or something almost identical to a Crow.

Whether it’s Zevran brought back to life, as some speculate, is another matter, but BioWare is keen to draw people’s attention to the earlier games’ dangling plot threads.


First was the Solas reference and teasing the idea of who was behind the red lyridium crisis, the Grey Wardens, and now the Crows and that one former Crow in particular.

Whatever the plot ends up being, it’s evident time hasn’t dulled BioWare’s commitment to its ongoing story.

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