New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Teases The Return Of The Grey Wardens

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BioWare has gone and revealed a new bit of Dragon Age 4 concept art, which teases the return of the Grey Wardens.

Executive Producer on the game, Christian Dailey, shared the piece of concept art on Twitter tagging the Creative Director of the game, Matthew Goldman. Alongside the piece of art, Dailey included the caption "I got you! Is this the right amount of pointy and gray? Happy Friday all. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. :)"


It's unclear if this is just a look at the creation process and the development of the game or if the character showcased is a major player in the story and game.

The Grey Wardens are an order of elite fighters that work together to defeat Darkspawn. Players became a Grey Warden in the first Dragon Age game and they had connections to some of the characters in Dragon Age 2 as well. They also made an appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Revealed a few years ago, Dragon Age 4, which will just be titled Dragon Age), showcased an impressive CGI trailer last year at The Game Awards teasing an RPG where you could be anyone you wanted to be.


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The game is expected to be BioWare's next big release and despite development continuing on the game, the developer has seen some large departures and management shifts over the last few years. Mark Darrah, an Executive Producer on the project left alongside General Manager Casey Hudson in December 2020.

But those positions have been occupied by new members of staff and development is now in full swing. So, hopefully, we see some gameplay sometime in the next few years.