Dragon Age 4 is a Classic Single-Player BioWare Game

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We still don't know much about Dragon Age 4, but we do know it's built around a substantial single-player campaign. BioWare general manager Gary McKay briefly spoke about the game in a new blog post (thanks GamesRadar), without giving too much away about its devleopment progress - or anything, for that matter.

McKay said Dragon Age 4 will be "focused on a single-player experience that is built on choices that matter." There hasn't been much speculation about Dragon Age 4 multiplayer, and it's unclear whether the decision is in response to fan disappointment that Mass Effect Legendary Edition didn't include the multiplayer component from Mass Effect 3.

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Dragon Age 4 is Going to be a Classic Single-Player Bioware Game

For now, Dragon Age lovers will have to content themselves with the original threesome, including Dragon Age Inquisition.

Meanwhile, McKay also teased that he's seeing incredible work from the Mass Effect team as well. We've heard approximately nothing about Mass Effect 4 since it was teased in 2021 and probably won't anytime soon either. Still, we do know it's probably going to run on Unreal Engine 5, whenever it does release.

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