Valve Reveals The Nemestice Summer Event In Latest The International 10 Statement

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DOTA 2’s upcoming summer event called ‘Nemestice’ was revealed along with the announcement of Valve that The International 10 which is supposed to happen this August in Sweden is uncertain at the moment.

Nemestice Reveal

The reveal of Nemestice was seen in the last part of Valve’s blog post about the possible delay or cancellation of TI10 in Stockholm, Sweden due to the Swedish Sports Federation’s vote against the inclusion of esports into the organization.


Only a few details were given, but Valve assured their fans that the upcoming summer event will begin ‘later this week.’

Nemestice Speculations

Known DOTA 2 personality, Wykrhm Reddy, on Twitter posted what could be the official poster image of the Nemestice event.


With its purple-themed aesthetic, fans are now speculating that it could be centering around the long-rumored Spectre Arcana skin which won the TI10 Arcana vote for this year’s battle pass supposedly.

Fans also associate the Nemestic event with the Void Spirit trailer which was first shown in The International 2019.

But nothing is still confirmed by Valve as of today, and the only thing we can do is wait for the official announcement or full-detailed reveal of the new summer event.


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