Valve Expands DOTA 2 Lag Compensation Feature To 67 MS

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Valve has now expanded its lag compensation feature to 67ms on their global servers to provide a more consistent input latency for players all over the world.

Valve’s Announcement

The company’s announcement was seen on the official Reddit page for DOTA 2, wherein user Jeff Hill who is a Valve employee posted this move done by the developers.


Lag Compensation Feature Benefits For Players

The post highlighted that the main benefit players may get from their expansion is that they may still have a more consistent input latency even if during a match, their ping is variable.

Although on top of that, they also assured that players that will have a moderate latency of around 50-100ms could have less average input latency whenever they would turn, attack, or cast during games.

Call For Help

But even with the informal feedback Valve is receiving so far, as well as based on their metrics, they also called for help from DOTA 2 players in Reddit.


This is because of the huge amount of diverse and unique games that could be played in DOTA 2. The user asked if they could help in looking through issues that they could have missed out on, especially on how the new lag compensation feature would perform in the game’s system.

Although some have replied to the thread with sarcastic comments, some still replied to help solve the issues they encounter from time to time which can be helpful to maintain the game’s smooth-sailing system as much as possible.

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