DOTA 2 New Hero Marci: Abilities, Roles, Item Guide, And More

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The post-TI patch for DOTA 2 released earlier today and it introduced the fan-favorite character from the Netflix anime, Marci. Similar to her character in DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Marci is a strength-based melee hero who is not only extremely swift but can also disable enemies and deal massive bursts of damage to them. Additionally, the hero is also equipped with an ability that allows her to grant bonus damage and lifesteal to an ally hero as well as herself.

Having said that, the hero is a little bit over-powered at the time of her release and it is very likely that Valve will soon implement balancing changes. However, until that happens, the over-powered nature of the hero only means one thing, instant pick or ban in public matches.


Without further ado, let's dive in and check out Marci's overall performance in DOTA 2.

Marci's Abilities in DOTA 2

Similar to most heroes in DOTA 2, Marci features a total of 4 abilities including one ultimate. Here is a detailed description of each of Marci's abilities in DOTA 2,

  • Dispose (Q) - Using this ability, Marci can toss either an ally or an enemy unit behind her. If the tossed unit is an enemy, they will be stunned and receive damage after landing. Additionally, any enemy units present in the landing area will also be stunned and receive damage upon impact.
  • Rebound (W) - Marci can use this ability to target an unit and dash forward towards them. Upon reaching the targeted unit, Marci then leaps towards a pre-determined direction at a certain distance. Wherever Marci lands after leaping, she will deal damage and apply a movement slow debuff to any enemies caught inside the area of effect.
  • Sidekick (E) - This ability allows Marci to apply a temporary buff on an ally hero and herself. The buff grants both the heroes with additional attack damage and lifesteal. Additionally, a level 20 Talent allows Marci to apply a 1.75 second Spell Immunity buff with Sidekick.
  • Unleash (Ultimate) - Marci can activate her ultimate ability to tap into a hidden power. This power allows Marci to perform rapid sequence of strikes that release a damaging pulse whenever an entire combo is executed. The damaging pulse also applies a movement and attack speed slow debuff to all enemies caught inside the effect of the ability.

All of these abilities combine to make Marci not only an excellent initiator, but also a very versatile hero in DOTA 2. Thanks to her Dispose and Rebound abilities, Marci can also catch enemies off guard and swing fights in her favor.

Item Guide for Marci

Given that Marci is a strength-based hero in DOTA 2, it is safe to say that the hero will mostly focus on items that give strength boost such as Satanic and Echo Saber. However, considering her ultimate ability, items such as Daedalus and Silver Edge that grant critical strikes can also be extremely efficient in the late-game.


Considering that there are endless combinations that can be made in DOTA 2, players are advised to test out their pre-planned builds in the Demo Hero mode before heading into a public match.

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