How to Deny Creeps in DOTA 2

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Wondering how to deny creeps in DOTA 2? Unlike other MOBAs, DOTA 2 features a special mechanic that allows players to deny the last hit of lane creeps from their enemies. Securing your own last hits can be a fairly tricky task in various lane match-ups. However, getting denies from the enemy amidst the chaos is not only statistically beneficial, but it can also induce mental tilt for the enemy.

How to Deny Creeps in DOTA 2 - Use Force Attacks

The most important mechanic involved in denying creeps is known as "Force Attack" and can be set up using two simple changes in the game settings.

To activate Force Attack in DOTA 2, you'll need to set a hotkey for it from the hotkeys menu. The Force Attack function is bound to the 'A' key by default and can be changed according to your preference.

This image portrays a screengrab of the settings screen in DOTA 2.
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Credit: Image via Valve
The Force Attack option in the Hotkeys menu

You can also choose to deny lane creeps using the "Right Click to Force Attack" feature. This option is available under the 'Options' tab in the settings menu, and you can see it for yourself in the screenshot below.

This image portrays the Options menu in DOTA 2.
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Credit: Image via Valve
The "Right Click to Force Attack" option

Once you've activated both of these options from the settings menu, you can start practicing their lane denies.

Friendly lane creeps can be attacked after their health pool drops below 50%. However, in order to secure a deny, the player will need to land the killing blow on the friendly unit.

Denying a creep in the lane ensures that the enemy misses the last hit and provides 50% less XP to the enemy. This makes denying a highly efficient mechanic that can, and should, be exploited to ensure a smooth mid-game stage.

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