EHOME Announces DOTA 2 Roster As 'Inactive'

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EHOME, one of the most known DOTA 2 teams in China, has revealed yesterday that they have put their current roster as ‘inactive.’

EHOME’s Announcement

After their unsuccessful run in the 2021 DOTA 2 Pro Circuit, EHOME has come to a decision wherein it will put their players namely Sylar, Chalice, Xm, and Fade.


As for xNova, he will leave the team and move to free agency since his contract with EHOMe has already expired after their DPC season this year.

Along with the mentioned players above, they also listed players such as Yif, NeverEnd, old chicken, and dolem as their players under contract, although they may also be included in the inactive roster as of now.

EHOME’S 2021 DPC Stint

EHOME finished as the sixth-best team in their regional league season wherein they failed to make it in this year’s Major competitions.

They, however, managed to somehow redeem themselves after they made it as far as the finals of The International 10 regional qualifiers China, but they lost to Elephant who had a 3-1 finish against them.

EHOME is not the only team that announced that their DOTA 2 squads would go inactive on a temporary scale. Just last month, TNC Predator declared that their DOTA 2 team will go on a ‘hiatus’ to have more time with their families, as well as to ‘recharge and realign.’


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