DOTA 2: Why Players Need To Watch Their Own Replays

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Just like any other competitive game, playing DOTA 2 isn’t easy at first. Some even label it as a more complex game compared to Riot Games’ League of Legends (LOL). Although again, any game would still require lots of practice in order for you to master it.

And one of the things you can do to improve your skills is by watching the replays of your past games. Lucky for you in DOTA 2 this feature can be done, so taking advantage of it could really help you hone your inner DOTA 2 prowess.


Keep reading and we will dive deeper into this article why should you watch your own replays in DOTA 2.

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Watching Your DOTA 2 Replays Will Definitely Make You Better

Yes, you heard it right. Watching your DOTA 2 replays could be compared to a basketball or baseball coach that requires his or her players to watch their past games’ tapes.

Why? Well, it should correct the mistakes that you have done in your previous DOTA 2 games and matches, so you won’t do those again in your next battles.


Also, especially in games where you became victorious, you can somehow formulate some sort of a game plan that you can do in your other games. If that formula keeps on working and gives you wins, then that should do good for you.

You just need to continue to improve it and adapt to other players’ playstyle because for sure, there would be teams that can have their ways to dismantle it.

Watching Other Player’s DOTA 2 Replays

But aside from watching your own replays, the past games of other players, especially those who you could look up to like pro players and ex-pros turned streamers can help you to do better in the game.


In DOTA 2, imitation isn’t really bad at all. It’s more of the execution where it differentiates the players of the game.

Of course, it is already given that professional DOTA 2 players may have a higher understanding of the game compared to the non-pros. But still, if you continue to set your game plan and will to grind just like them, then it is something that can boost your overall skills and confidence.

You just need to find someone or something where you can show your A-game – may it be an in-game role, a hero that you want to choose, the build that can strengthen your hero or the playstyle that you want to pursue.

Useful DOTA 2 Replay Tools

You can use replay tools such as Dota2ProTracker, DOTABUFF, and OpenDota. These sites contain replay videos of some of the world’s best DOTA 2 players, as well as the guides that you can use on your heroes during games.

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