DOTA 2: What Is Stash?

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Stash may refer to something that can be stored, like some sort of supply of almost anything available.

And in DOTA 2, the term is almost being used with the same meaning, although it’s more inclined towards the itemization involved within its gameplay.


With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about stash in DOTA 2.

What Is Stash In DOTA 2?

A stash in DOTA 2 is the secondary inventory that will be available if the first or original inventory that you have in the game is already full.

It also comes out whenever an item is being bought away from the shop. A stash can house up to six items.


But once the stash also becomes full and there are no more slots available to store items, then these spare ones will automatically fall on the ground.

That is why you should always watch out for the items that you are purchasing from the fountain area, which is the only place where you can buy stash items.

But as long as you still have slots, then there would be no problem at all – just the gold that you can earn again in the game.

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