DOTA 2: What Is RNGesus?

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Sometimes, you might just want to pray to RNGesus when you are playing DOTA 2.

Yes, the game has this informal deity or whatsoever. And this informal god has become so popular that players tend to ask for game-based prayers to that one, especially during times of chance.


But what chances do I mean? Well, keep reading to know more.

What Is RNGesus In DOTA 2?

Like what’s mentioned, RNGesus is a fictional deity or god for chance-based effects.

Whenever players would want to have a sure chance of getting that effect that they wish to activate, then they may resort to wishing for success to RNGesus.


RNGesus is a portmanteau of Random Number Generation (RNG) and Jesus. Players would often say this if they want a chance effect to favor them.

So, if you want to activate effects such as evasion or bash, then ‘praying’ to RNGesus could help you win the odds of using it.

But again, it’s ‘chance based,’ so there’s no guarantee even if you call this so-called fictional deity in DOTA 2.

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