DOTA 2: What Is Nuke?

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In real life, a nuke pertains to – you know, a nuclear weapon.

Although in DOTA 2, the meaning could be close enough. But it’s more of what it does and how it impacts the game. Yet same as how powerful nuke may sound in its literal meaning, nuke in DOTA 2 might be that game-changing as well.


Here’s everything you need to know about a nuke in DOTA 2.

What Is Nuke In DOTA 2?

Nuke in DOTA 2 refers to the high amount of damage being dealt at a very quick pace.

It could be somehow related to burst, but the speed of execution a nuke attack can do is primarily being considered.


These heroes that can nuke the opponent or neutral creeps have a low cooldown of skills most of the time. Called nukers in the gaming community, then the damage they can inflict is legit.

So, don’t let the enemy escape. If possible, a one-hit kill could be your priority.

Nuke hard, kill hard, win hard!

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