DOTA 2: What Is Miss?

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In DOTA 2, miss is a term or jargon being used by players while they are playing.

And with that, it could already ring a bell actually on what it means in the game. But just to be clear, it is best to know how it is being used as an expression in the game. And for a clue, it is often being heard or seen as a term related to the map of the game.


Here's everything you need to know about miss in DOTA 2.

What Is Miss In DOTA 2?

Miss in DOTA 2 is a warning expression used by players.

How? They use it as a warning that some enemy heroes could go missing or have gone out of view, which may imply that a possible ambush or assault could be becoming.


A possible gank by the enemy team might be taking place if this is being used in the game.

Other possible terms players may express to give warnings for these scenarios include missing, mia (missing in action), or ss.

So, if you could possibly hear or see this term being around, then someone might not be present and could be preparing for a surprise attack.

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