DOTA 2: What Is Lakad Matatag?

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If you are an avid DOTA 2 esports fan, then you probably know the ever so famous ‘lakad matatag.’

This statement even went to the next level and skyrocketed in popularity that it is now one of the available chat wheel expressions that can be used by players worldwide.


But do you really know what it means and how it started? Keep reading to know more.

What Is Lakad Matatag In DOTA 2?

Lakad Matatag is a Filipino term that literally means:

Lakad – walk
Matatag – strong, tough


So, in English, it is ‘to walk strong or in a tough manner.’

And the expression was used by Filipino DOTA 2 casters and commentators Marlon ‘Lon’ Marcelo and the late Aldrin ‘Kuya D’ Pangan during the ESL one Katowice 2018 and happened in the match between Fnatic and Team Secret.

It is also packed with the expression ‘Normalin Normalin’ which means to deliver a right-click or a normal attack in the game.

This expression as a whole got so popular that it became one of the most iconic chat wheels available.

And now you know what it really means, then might as well use it during games.

‘Lakad matatag! Normalin normalin.’

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