DOTA 2: What Is FoW?

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In DOTA 2, there are a lot of aspects that pertain to its actual gameplay – a map-based one.

And it has come to a point wherein the gaming community provided game jargons that can easily identify those, including FoW.


But what does it mean and how is it involved in the game map? Keep reading to know more

What Is FoW In DOTA 2?

FoW is short for Fog Of War in DOTA 2.

This is specifically the area outside of your team’s vision range.


You may notice it by walking in the map. There could be dark shadows that get lighted as you walk right?

That is the FoW when it is still covered within the dark.

Interesting right? It even has its own term.

And that’s it! Follow us for more DOTA 2 guides like this one.


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