DOTA 2: What Is D?

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In most online competitive games, you might hear terms that could only be represented with one letter – literally.

And in DOTA 2, you could encounter players who will use the term ‘D’ in chat or through the in-game call. It may happen especially if there is something you need to respond to, as a team or even individually.


But what does D exactly mean in DOTA 2? Keep reading to find out more.

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What Is D In DOTA 2?

D in DOTA 2 means def or defend.


When you hear a teammate say D out of nowhere, he or she is referring to a fellow teammate or teammates to defend a specific tower or even another hero who is on the verge of dying in the game.

But most of the time it refers to defending a tower or the base which is being attacked by the enemy team heroes or creeps.

So now whenever you hear or read D during a game, you already know that you must defend something very valuable to your team. If no one may respond to that, then it may cost you the game.

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