DOTA 2: What Is Care?

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In DOTA 2, we care.

And literally – yes, care is a term being used by players in the game. Although its DOTA 2 meaning is close to what it really means, the game flavor associated with it somehow tweaks the meaning of the term, as well as how it is being used as game jargon.


Keep reading as we dive deeper into care in DOTA 2.

What Is Care In DOTA 2?

Care has actually the same meaning in how it is being used in DOTA 2 and its real-life counterpart.

Players use the expression to refer to the statement ‘be careful.’ Most of the time, you may encounter this if an enemy went missing, like someone hiding in the bush.


Also, it can be used if an enemy hero has a skill ready for use. Care is being used by players to initiate caution towards something that can be a reason for the team to lose.

Because in DOTA 2, we care.

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