DOTA 2: What Is Break?

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There are various terminologies being used in DOTA 2, especially for certain in-game elements such as status effects that may occur any time to the heroes during a game.

And you might have heard of the term ‘Break’ in DOTA 2. You may have also seen it happening in the game – may it be to your hero, a teammates’, or to an enemy.


Keep reading as we’ll give everything you need to know about Break in DOTA 2.

What Is Break In DOTA 2?

Break in DOTA 2 is a status effect that can disable passive abilities from those affected with it.

Although it may not entirely disable all sorts of passive, such as the passives of items and talents.


It could take place from a skill or an attack of a hero, although some would require specific items in order for it to be in effect.

Sources Of Break

Here are the skills of heroes that can cause Break to passives in DOTA 2:

  • Doom – Doom (requires Aganim’s Scepter)
  • Hoodwink – Sharpshooter
  • Phantom Assassin – Fan of Knives (requires Aganim’s Shard)
  • Shadow Demon – Demonic Purge (requires Aganim’s Scepter)
  • Silver Edge – Shadow Walk
  • Spirit Breaker – Nether Strike (requires Aganim’s Shard)
  • Viper – Nethertoxin

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