DOTA 2: What Is Bash?

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Do you know that in DOTA 2, Bash is actually a game jargon?

Yes, you heard it right. Though it is not actually the term bash wherein it means to do negative comments towards someone or something, but a term for some game elements that you can encounter along the way.


Here’s everything you need to know about Bash in DOTA 2.

What Is Bash In DOTA 2?

Bash is actually an effect in DOTA 2.

It occurs by chance when an enemy hero is attacking you, or you can actually inflict it (again, by chance) if you are going to do an attack.


It also provides additional damage which can change the course of the game in some given situations.

Most hero types that can be fond of doing it include the melee and ranged heroes in the game, such as Faceless Void and Spirit Breaker.

So, is time to Bash? Well in DOTA 2, it could be.

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