DOTA 2: What Is APM?

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There are some factors that you may not notice to be happening when you play DOTA 2.

It includes the acronym APM. You may not be bothered by what it signifies, although it actually refers to something as simple as the actions you are literally doing to play the game.


Keep reading to know more about APM in DOTA 2.

What Is APM In DOTA 2?

APM is an acronym for actions per minute.

It mainly refers to the number of your clicks and keyboard hits per minute. You may not be able to actually keep track of this if you’re a casual player, but sometimes in the pro scene, they actually do.


Also, professional DOTA 2 teams may be fond of tracking their players’ APM – a bit of science and analytics included on how they can be more strategic and competitive in games.

This is a must for them though, since it is all about the professional scene. But you can also apply it in the amateur leagues as well, or even in casual competition. Aiming for pros is one good thing to consider.

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