Biggest DOTA 2 Hero Buffs in Update 7.30

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Update 7.30 has caused a major meta-shift in DOTA 2 that has resulted in multiple overlooked heroes turning relevant again. While some heroes have been hit by massive nerfs, there are some heroes who have received major buffs.

Before heading any forward, might we suggest that you go through all the Removed and New DOTA 2 Items in Update 7.30? Additionally, you should also check out how the current meta might affect The International 10. Apart from these, if you're looking for information that can hand you a tactical advantage in public lobbies, make sure to check out the best heroes for killing Roshan in the current meta.


Having said that, let's take a look at some of the biggest hero buffs in update 7.30.

Biggest Hero Buffs in DOTA 2 update 7.30

5. Chen


One of the most picked support heroes in high MMR matches, Chen has received a notable buff with update 7.30. Although the hero no longer has Heal Amplification from Divine Favor, the ability now grants bonus Armor to all allies affected by the aura. Additionally. Chen's previous Aghanim's Sceptre upgrade is now available with the Aghanim's Shard, a massive fall in the cost from 4,200 gold to 1,400 gold.

On top of everything, Chen now features a global "Strong Dispel" with his Aghanim's Sceptre. This makes the hero one of the best defensive supports in DOTA 2, capable of saving his allies in the worst of scenarios.

4. Outworld Destroyer


With the recent rework to his abilities, Outworld Destroyer has turned into one of the most feared heroes in DOTA 2. On top of being able to deal massive pure damage to Roshan with Arcane Orb, the hero's Astral Imprisonment ability now allows allies to move at a reduced movement speed even while imprisoned.

Being able to save allies from even the most fearsome abilities like Black Hole makes Outworld Destroyer one of the strongest heroes in the current meta. Needless to say, it is highly expected that this hero will feature a massive pick/ban rate as the update grows older.

3. Underlord


Despite being affected by minor nerfs, Underlord's reworked Aghanim's Sceptre upgrade makes the off-lane hero absolutely broken in the current meta. The scepter unlocked ability, Fiend's Gate allows Underlord to open two portals within a 4,000 unit range.

This portal allows not only Underlord to travel to the desired location but can also be used by all of his allies. This new ability is an ideal way of kiting the enemy team to suit your own team's benefits and can change the entire outcome of a game.

2. Bane


Given that Bane featured a dismal pick rate in the previous meta due to mana issues and positioning blunders, the changes introduced with update 7.30 will definitely boost the hero's performance in DOTA 2. Brain Sap is one of Bane's primary damage-dealing ability and the mana cost reduction, as well as the bonus cast range, will definitely allow the hero in securing a better laning stage.

On top of that, Bane's Nightmare and Fiend's Grip abilities have also received notable buffs that make the hero an extremely viable pick for the current meta. Having said that, it remains to be seen how the hero performs in professional matches.

1. Tinker


Previously a mid-lane-specific hero, Tinker has undergone a bunch of changes in update 7.30. From having his abilities reworked to gaining a permanent teleport, Tinker is definitely the biggest winner for the current meta. With his Defense Matrix ability and an AOE Laser, Tinker is now a viable pick for positions other than the mid-lane as well.

Having said that, Tinker is in no way an underperformer in the mid-lane either. Being able to skip "Boots of Travel" allows Tinker to build an early blink and start causing mayhem for the enemy team from an early level. With various professional players already showing off the hero in pubs, it is safe to assume that we will be seeing quite a bit of Tinker at TI10.