DOTA 2 The Greeviling Event: Release Date, Leaks, And More!

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DOTA 2 has been known to introduce some new limited-time events throughout the years of its existence. And now, fans already wonder what’s next for the game, where some are suspecting that it might be the return of The Greeviling event which was first introduced in the 2012 edition of the Frostivus.

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Keep reading to know more about the alleged return of The Greeviling in DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 The Greeviling Leaks

The strongest leak which indicated a possible return of The Greeviling event in DOTA 2 was shown through an image posted on Reddit by user u/WellisCute.

Photo by user u/WellisCute, Reddit
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Photo by user u/WellisCute, Reddit

The image showed a bunch of DOTA 2 hero abilities which seemed to have a Greevils form in the files that were allegedly being uploaded to the game’s system.

DOTA 2 The Greeviling Event


For those who do not know what The Greeviling is, it was a game mode introduced in the titular event as part of Frortivus 2012. Players are set in the usual 5 on 5 mode but their objective was to kill the Greevils that can be found on the map during games.

The first team to score 11 last hit points to kill the Greevils was the winner of the matches when it was available in the game.

Also, players were able to use their heroes as well as their assigned Greevils. They may switch from their hero and Greevil from time to time whenever they would play matches under that game mode in the past.

DOTA 2 The Greeviling Event Release Date

Although nothing has been confirmed yet by Valve, this was speculated before as a spring event for DOTA 2.

But spring would eventually end on June 21, 2021, so the speculation for the return of The Greeviling event may now be for the summer season which will start on June 21 and will end on September 22, 2021. It could also be an event that may lead towards The International 10 which will happen this August.

With Valve announcing that there will be no battle pass this 2021, there is a much bigger chance that The Greeviling would not be a battle pass event. Yet all we can do for now is to wait for the official announcement about these speculations.

DOTA 2 The Greeviling Trailer

You might want to look at The Greeviling trailer for the 2012 edition of the event.


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