DOTA 2 Players Hit By Server Bug After The Nemestice Update

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The Nemestice event recently arrived in DOTA 2 and like many in the community had expected, it is an utter disappointment in certain regards.

On top of introducing an Arcana Vote winner as a Battle Pass-exclusive cosmetic, Valve has introduced a non-TI Battle Pass simply to fill their own pockets at the expense of the community.


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Having said that, ever since the update arrived, multiple players have reported in-game bugs and glitches in DOTA 2. These glitches have even gone to the extent of disconnecting players from ranked lobbies and even handing them a ban for not completing that same match.

Although this kind of flaw and error is not a surprising factor, especially when coming from Valve, it is about time that the community's requests and concerns are addressed.

Bugs and Glitches in DOTA 2 after Nemestice update

Ever since the release of the update on June 23rd, DOTA 2 players have been facing a bunch of issues in the game.


These issues include:

  • Random disconnections
  • Server crashes
  • Game performance fluctuations
  • FPS drops
  • Screen freezes resulting in a game crash

Considering all of these factors, Valve's actions are turning out to be a massive concern for the community.


While it is expected that the developers will soon release a hotfix to address these issues, I would like to remind the readers that similar issues had also risen at the time of Diretide's release in 2020.

Additionally, despite Valve's best efforts, the issues, although diminished, were still present as long as Diretide lasted. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see whether Valve has figured out a way to address all the issues that are plaguing the community or if this will be yet another bitter experience for everyone.

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