Valve Delays 7.30 as DOTA 2 Players Eagerly Wait For the New Update

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DOTA 2 fans have been waiting eagerly for the next update to release for over a month now. However, Valve is yet to release the highly anticipated 7.30 update which is also supposed to be the patch on which The International (TI) 10 will be played.

Valve has previously maintained a cycle of releasing a major balancing update after the end of a Major. Nevertheless, the last Major for DOTA 2 was the WePlay Animajor 2021 that concluded on June 13th. However, with more than a month having passed, players have started wondering when the update will eventually arrive.


Additionally, even the Regional Qualifiers for TI10 concluded on July 10th and it has been almost two entire weeks without the release of update 7.30.

Having said that, there could be a bunch of possible factors that resulted in the update being delayed. Let's dive in and take a look at what these reasons might be.

Reasons behind the delay of update 7.30

The final Major of the ongoing DPC season was played on patch 7.29d which was released on May 24th. This further means that it has been almost two months since the last balancing update in DOTA 2. However, since the release of update 7.29d, DOTA 2 has gone through a few notable scenarios that could have resulted in update 7.30's delay.

The first possible reason for the delay of update 7.30's release could very well be the release of the Nemestice in-game event along with the first Battle Pass of the year. Given that the custom visuals, settings, and game mode for Nemestice have occupied a fair chunk of the developers' time and dedication. This can further result in a delay for update 7.30 due to all the extra resources being poured into the in-game event.

Additionally, the second possible reason for the delay could the massive debacle over TI10's venue shift. Given that Valve was forced to shift TI10 from the Avicii Arena in Sweden to the Arena Nationala in Romania, the dates for the DOTA 2 Championship were rescheduled. The tournament that was supposed to be held in August got shifted to the month of October. This resulted in a two-month additional period for players to get accustomed to the "TI Patch."


Considering these factors, the update could be arriving either towards the end of July or during the early weeks of August. However, until and unless Valve comes forward with the release date for Update 7.30, it remains impossible to speculate the same.

Frustration in the community over the delayed patch


Given that update 7.29s has been around for almost two entire months, it is safe to say that most players who are frustrated with the delay in update 7.30's release are actually bored and tired of the existing meta.

Ranging from the fearsome off-lane Broodmother to the decisive safe-lane Templar Assassin, update 7.29d has almost reached its saturation point with multiple heroes being a common sight in most games. However, with the release of a new update, DOTA 2 could be subjected to a massive shift in the meta that eventually results in many forgotten and under-picked heroes making a return to public lobbies.

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