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DOTA 2 Nemestice: All Weekly Challenges In The New Battle Pass

Valve recently unveiled the brand new Nemestice event in DOTA 2 and there is a lot of additional content for players to earn from the event-exclusive Battle Pass.

Apart from the highly-anticipated Spectre Arcana and Immortal treasures, the new Battle Pass has also brought forward a brand new persona to match Dragon Knight's appearance with Davion from the Dragon's Blood anime series on Netflix.

On top of that, the Nemestice Battle Pass is also the first time that Valve has brought back a Battle Pass exclusive cosmetic from a previous season.

You can find a list of all the rewards available from the Nemestice Battle Pass in DOTA 2 by clicking here.

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Nemestice Challenges

According to the in-game layout that has been revealed after the release of Nemestice in DOTA 2, it has been confirmed that the developers will reveal weekly challenges for players to increase their levels on the Battle Pass.

The first set of weekly challenges are already live now in DOTA 2 and players can claim up to 7,500 experience shards to level up the Battle Pass. However, before getting started with the weekly challenges, players should note that they can only claim the rewards available in the Battle Pass after purchasing it on Steam.


However, before getting into the challenges, players should note that all weekly challenges will be available until the end of the Battle Pass. However, players can have only one specific set of weekly challenges active. This means that if players can complete a specific week's challenges before the next week's quota is revealed, they can simply use their time to make up for incomplete quests from a previous week.

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First Week challenges

With that said, here are the Nemestice challenges available for players during the first week of the event,

  • Play a round and find out - Play 3/10/30 matches in DOTA 2
  • Nemestice Nation - Play 2/6/20 Nemestice custom matches
  • High fives are universal - High Five a player in-game 10/50/150 times
  • Home Invasion - Kill 3/15/50 Roshans
  • It Happens - Win 1/5/18 matches in DOTA 2
  • Ward Warden - Destroy 5/25/125 enemy wards
  • Offensive Behavior - Kill 15/75/225 enemy heroes
  • Stacked in your favor - Win 1/3/10 matches with a party of five players

These are all the first-week Nemestice Challenges available for players in DOTA 2.

Second Week challenges

Here are all the challenges available for players to complete during the second week of the Nemestice Battle Pass,

  • You Win no matter what - Play 3/10/30 matches in DOTA 2
  • Nemestice Natural - Win 1/3/10 Nemestice matches
  • Gold Wins Games - Activate 5/15/45 bounty runes in games that you win
  • Museum-quality Shine - Level up a Hero Relic 3/10/25 times
  • One with the crew - Win 1/5/18 matches with 3+ guild members in the party
  • Workout your cores - Win 2/5/15 games as a core hero in Ranked Roles
  • Do the Hard Part - Assist 25/175/500 enemy hero kills
  • The real enemy - Earn 300/900/3000 creeps in games that you win.

Third Week challenges

Here are all the challenges available for players to complete during the third week of the Nemestice Battle Pass,

  • Have Yourself A Time - Play 2/8/15 matches
  • Embermatic - Channel 10/30/75 Nemestice Embers in the custom game mode
  • Leave So Much Trace - Stack 5/25/50 neutral camps
  • Click Harder - Win 1/3/5 games as a Strength hero
  • Nothing Like It - Win 1/3/8 matches
  • Actually Do Stuff - Win 1/3/5 games as a Support hero
  • In The Arcane Gang - Deal 15,000/50,000/150,000 Magic Damage to Enemy heroes
  • Hang A Star On That One - Complete 1/3/5 Hero Challenges with a 1-Star or higher rating

Fourth Week Challenges

Here are all the challenges available for players to complete during the fourth week of the Nemestice Battle Pass,

  • Play Yourself Out - Play 2/8/15 Matches
  • Harder is Better - Destroy 1/4/12 towers in the Nemestice custom game mode
  • Give Them A Minute - Stun Enemy Heroes for a total of 30/125/300 seconds
  • Click Smarter - Win 1/3/5 games as an Intelligence Hero
  • You're Too Kind - Heal Allies for 3000/15000/50000 health points
  • Make It A Beat Down - Deal 16000/50000/160000 Physical Damage to Enemy Heroes
  • Not Like Other Modes - Win 1/3/5 Matches in Ability Draft or All Random Deathmatch
  • Tips For A Brighter Tomorrow - Give or Receive 3/6/14 in-game tips.

Fifth Week Challenges

Here are all the challenges available for players to complete during the fifth week of the Nemestice Battle Pass,

  • What A Play - Play 2/8/15 Matches
  • Charged And Ready - Kill 3/15/30 heroes while Embercharged in the Nemestice game mode
  • Reconnaissance Renaissance - Plant 4/15/35 Observer Wards in Winning Games
  • They Won't Need It Anyway - Accumulate 15000/60000/150000 Net Worth in Winning Games
  • While I Have You - Win 1/3/8 Matches
  • I Hear They Don't Like This - Deny 15/50/150 creeps
  • Resistance Is Futile - Deal 4000/12000/40000 Pure Damage to Enemy Heroes
  • Click Faster - Win 1/3/5 games with an Agility Hero

Sixth Week Challenges

The sixth set of weekly challenges for Nemestice are scheduled to go live on 28th July.

We'll keep updating the list as more challenges are revealed so make sure to follow this space.

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