DOTA 2: How To Watch Friends Live Games

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There may be times that you would want (or need) to watch your friend’s game in DOTA 2, though it may not be feasible at first if you are not with them physically.

But thanks to technology, you may actually watch them virtually – and it’s an in-game feature that you can utilize for this to happen.


Keep reading to know more about how you can watch your friend’s live game in DOTA 2.

How To Watch Friends Live Game In DOTA 2

The feature that you must use to watch your friend’s live game in DOTA 2 is the Spectating feature.

Just look for the Watch tab located on your game’s screen, and you may have yourself able to watch an in-game friend’s ongoing game.


You can also do it along with your other friends wherein you would just need to watch them as a Party.

And with that, let the DOTA live streaming begin!

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