DOTA 2: How To Use Bottle

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In DOTA 2, there are different items that you can purchase and use for a variety of purposes in the game.

It includes the bottle which can be purchased from the Main Shop. You can find it under the Consumables tab.


But how exactly do you use it in DOTA 2? Keep reading to know more.

How To Use Bottle In DOTA 2

The bottle can be used as a healing item that can quickly take effect.

You can either use it for healing your hero in a fast manner, or you may save it for a rune for a later use towards the game.


Despite its pretty higher cost compared to the other consumable items, it has almost unlimited use – thanks to its capability to have a refill from the fountain at any time.

You may also take advantage of using the bottle to regenerate faster when you are at the fountain.

So, whenever you are in the game, then you may opt to buy a bottle because of how it can help you when you will engage in a match.

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