DOTA 2: How To Unlock Ranked Matches

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Ranked matches in DOTA 2 are what most players can regard as the ‘name of the game.’ It is where they can get to show their skills to the limit which rewards them with a rank that can go higher as more games will be played more.

But before you may unlock it, there would be quite a handful of steps that are needed to be accomplished first. And we’re glad to let you know what are those.


Keep reading as we dive deeper on how to unlock ranked matches in DOTA 2.

How To Unlock Ranked Matches In DOTA 2

You need to link first your smartphone to your Steam account.

Once you are done with it, the game will require you to first play 25 matches in Unranked mode.


And if those 25 games are finished, the game’s system will give you a specific number of games ranging from 0-100 which you need to do again before you can actually unlock the Ranked mode match queueing in DOTA 2.

This system has been implemented in the game to help new DOTA 2 players to learn deeper about the game in terms of the mechanics, as well as to be familiarized even more with the playstyle and abilities of the heroes they opt to use.

It’s not quite an easy journey right from the beginning. But this can differentiate those who are willing to learn the game and grind harder to set their foot in the ranked mode.

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